Scribe Winery

Rustic Luxury: Branding the Farming Lifestyle on a Contemporary American Vineyard

The Problem: Attract younger, highly social premium wine enthusiasts who celebrate farming, dine avidly, and don’t aspire to manufactured European luxury.

American tastemakers don’t relate well to heavy-handed visions of wealth and excess. Like the land and its vintner, Andrew Mariani, the Scribe Winery branding stands out with natural effortlessness. 

The Strategy: Deploy subtly disruptive branding (a flipped trademark insignia amidst a refined logo creates a subtle anti-corporate wink) alongside advanced yet human-scale tech. Use unusual copy and minimalist bottles to alert the consumer to Scribe’s no-nonsense, keepers-of-this-land approach.

The Result: Scribe captured an emerging market, using digital and brand leadership, social media, marketing, strategic partnerships, and smart PR to help create a disruptive success story that has become one of Sonoma/Napa’s most beloved lifestyle wine brands.