Re-Thinking the American Vineyard Brand

Scribe Winery

The Challenge
Connect with younger, highly social premium wine enthusiasts who celebrate farming, love food and drink, and don’t relate to European extravagance.

Scribe Mobile b.png

Filmed by William Papadin

Like the land and its vintner, Andrew Mariani, the Scribe Winery branding stands out with natural effortlessness. 

The Strategy
Elegantly fun branding (a flipped trademark insignia hidden in our logo design flashes an anti-corporate wink) alongside human-scale tech. Unusual copy and typography-driven bottles alert the consumer to Scribe’s holistic, “keepers-of-this-land” approach.

The Result
Scribe captured an emerging market using digital and brand leadership, social media, marketing, strategic partnerships, and smart PR to help create a disruptive success story that has become one of Sonoma/Napa’s most beloved lifestyle wine brands.