EDUN is the brainchild of Ali Hewson, her husband Bono of U2 and the fashion designer Rogan. This company is changing the business of high-end fashion by creating sustainable factories in Africa, bringing hope, fair wages, and environmentally sound industry to otherwise poverty-ridden areas in the region. The line itself is moody; equal parts Rock & Roll / Weimar-era Art Nouveau.

Production Notes
The outer packaging is built from Plike, an engineered paper with a sleek leathery texture. Cover artwork from artist Kevin Devine is carved with complex lasercut, creating a compelling night scene of ornate tree branches — marking the overall concept, relating to elements of the interior photography and clothing patterns.

The lasercut Plike is double mounted to a super high-gloss black Kromekote, repeating the effect on the interior DVD housing. The DVD contains a high-definition film where Bono & Ali make their beautiful & heartfelt case for ethical fashion. A die-cut interior window reveals a black foil-stamped titling; this stamping is done with a kiss impression, allowing the typography to completely disappear depending on the angle the book is held. Beneath the book are two silver on black silkscreened cover-weight brochures that discuss the EDUN philosophy and the EDUN aesthetic.