Defining the Undefinable: Branding an Experimental University Arts Complex

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The Challenge: Attract cross-generational demographics to a modern arts concept defined as “undefinable”.  Win creative consensus among agency and university stakeholders. Suggest a tone of voice and style that will integrate with university brand assets.


The Strategy: A brand is a promise. A promise either kept or broken the moment customers experience a brand’s product or service.

In this case, the brand’s products resist definition, but the experience was definable as modern and engaging. The name “CURRENT” was combined with mirror facets, digital clock references, and energetic copywriting with a social marketing edge.


Deliverables: Naming, brand logo design creative brief, brand and digital strategy, copywriting, video production, social content strategy, exterior installations, advertising content, illustration, web, and UX.

A Different Kind of Arts Brand


A brand is a promise. A promise either kept or broken the moment customers experience a brand’s product or service.

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Communicating Emotional Potential

Naming is tricky. This isn't a physical product being sold. What are the emotions, motivations, perceptions, feelings, and statuses?

The intersection of design and strategy

Where do ideas and communications intersect? Early iterations of the identity explored mirrored facets, the geometries of digital clock numbers, and reflection.


Tone of Voice and Logo Development

While exploring variations on the creative theme, we began to inject a tone of voice.

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Logo Development

Reaching out, leaning in, empowering, and elevating, always elevating. And having fun. Scalable, reversible, able to contain images or fragment into larger design schemes.


Promotional Content

After settling firmly into the concept of time we began to produce promotional copy, storyboarding, and video content.


Online, Digital, and Social Content

A launch microsite featured upcoming shows, and the hash #iamcurrent was promoted as part of a digital strategy that helped promote and define the launch of


Copy and Omni-Content

Tone of voice and style have been developed to integrate seamlessly with Carolina Performing Arts brand assets, and are now being deployed across all print & digital marketing opportunities.

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