Hi, I’m Kevin Landwehr. I create connections. I create ideas people like. I make it easier for companies to do business. I think the best way to create things people care about is to truly care about people.

I’m currently...

...creative director for Relola in San Francisco / Raleigh-Durham, improving the branding and UX while supporting strategic partnerships. I'm watching brand concepts for Rivers Agency in Chapel Hill develop, like CURRENT ArtSpace for Carolina Performing Arts. I'm also seeing my work with 👍 GAMUT 👍 come to life: Old Kan in Oakland is blowing up! One of the sparkier logos I've made.

CURRENT Artspace + Studio, Powered by Carolina Performing Arts.

Opening in 2018 at Carolina Square in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, CURRENT ARTSPACE+STUDIO is Carolina Performing Arts new unrestricted Arts lab.

Old Kan

I created the design and strategy for this Oakland, California beer brand during my time at GAMUT. Our goal was to create a tide of positive spirit, adding good to the soul of a city that is tough yet welcoming, complex yet simple. 

[Stealth Mode] Arts App

I'm humanizing the experience for an arts app, keeping the user experience on fleek, writing strategic insights, and adding brand harmony. 

Here are a few identities I’ve come up with.