I’m currently...

...developing names, branding, design thinking, wireframes, and marketing concepts for Rivers Agency in Chapel Hill. Most recently CURRENT ArtSpace powered by Carolina Performing Arts. Just before that, I did the same with the GAMUT Agency for two breweries: Old Kan in Oakland and Gravity Heights in San Diego. 

My approach to the modern brand: Be clean, noticeable, nimble, responsive, flexible, cool, natural, textural, unexpected, edgy, classic, timeless, beyond trend, and a labor of affection.

CURRENT Artspace + Studio, Powered by Carolina Performing Arts.

Opening in 2018 at Carolina Square in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, CURRENT ARTSPACE+STUDIO is Carolina Performing Arts new unrestricted Arts lab.

Old Kan

Creating a tide of positive spirit, adding good to the soul of a city, tough & welcoming, complex and simple, strange yet familiar.

Gravity Heights

My take on the Endless Summer is fun and full of character. It's an image you've grown to cherish; a spirit, a feeling, a memory.

And here is an archive of other identities I’ve knocked out over the years...